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Spring Morning Skincare Routine 2017

Hey guys!

Lately I've been tuning into what's trending in the Youtubing world of YouTubers(if that makes sense).  To my discovery,I've reviewed and encountered many morning routines, how their day flows etc,etc. This has somehow inspired me to get behind the camera and reveal my morning preferences to you all. This is all new to me and like you, I am exploring the wonders of blogging, YouTube and skincare myself. In my opinion, this all counts as the exploration of beauty. If you find anything that I add to this video useful or amusing, I'll leave links to all the products used. To stop you from waiting....

I start my day by waking up (obviously). This is normally at 6:30 pretty much everyday. This is practical as I  go to bed at 9:30.

For around half an hour, I tend to chill in bed, afterall I'm in  no rush. During this period of time I either read or...yes watch Youtube videos. 

I'm going stop rambling and skip to my skincare products of choice. After breakfast, …

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